About UsChris

In February of 2015, Ryan “Bijuka” Benford and Austin “Reel Deel” Creel founded Vagabond Vapors, a small-batch, hand-crafted e-liquid company in Northport, AL.

Ryan and Austin met in the fall of 2006 playing Magic: the Gathering at a Local Shop. By 2007 Ryan owned a Gaming Store of his own which Austin frequented. It did not take long for the two to forge a lasting friendship that continues to this day.

Both were long time smokers who recognized the negative effects that smoking was causing to their health. When a friend introduced vaping to Ryan Benford in June of 2014, a coil was quickly lit. Ryan, who had severe complications with sinuses that had gone as far as surgery in his past, now found himself breathing easy and without any complications after his switch to vaping. It would be this life-changing event that started his path towards establishing Vagabond Vapors.

In 2014, Ryan felt most e-liquids were mass produced and not appealing to his taste buds. Frustrated over the lack of quality and consistent e-liquids, Ryan decided to try his hand at making his own juice. Ryan was so enthralled in vaping at this time that he would frequently spend time at shops and meets just talking to others about vaping and its life-altering effects it had on him. It didn’t take long for people to start asking about the strange unlabeled bottles Ryan would always be seen holding.

Once people started tasting his juice, it did not take long for Ryan to amass a large group of followers who Ryan now considers as all close friends. Mixology became a hobby, and Ryan worked with these friends in perfecting flavors requested by them. Thousands of hours of testing later, Ryan quickly realized that these friends were now choosing his e-liquids over all the big names in the industry.

By December he had decided to turn his juice into a business and started a company to make E-liquid. Ryan and a friend went to work organizing the company. They quickly discovered they had two different visions for where they each wanted their juice to be and by January they decided to part ways. At this time Ryan decided the he didn’t really want to make the time and money commitment a juice company would require and would just go back to making his personal juice.

One night Ryan received a call from Austin, where a three hour conversation of catching up turned into a brainstorming of new business ideas. Ryan told him about the E-liquid business venture and how he was unsure about pursuing this passion of his. The conversation turned into a marathon where they discussed what it would take to get an e-liquid business up and running. When Austin tried Ryan’s flavors, there was no turning back. Vagabond Vapors LLC was born.

Vagabond Vapors rented a 1,800 Sq. Ft. warehouse in Northport, AL and purchased a 6′ Envirco Laminar Flow Hood with ISO 5 certifications to begin the legitimate step forward on providing a clean environment for his juice. Using only U.S. sourced USP Kosher Food Grade ingredients, Vagabond Vapors strive for consistent, high quality flavors. To this day each and every batch has been personally tested by one of the members, and each batch is stored as a reference for any quality concerns that may come up.

Flash forward to 2017 and Vagabond Vapors now has 2 dedicated locations going 7 days a week for 7 different brands of E-Liquid. As our buying power has increased we have drastically cut prices several times without sacrificing the quality that Vagabond Vapors was built upon.

Choose Vagabond Vapors for your ADV today. We guarantee you will receive the best valued product in the industry. High quality flavors at an affordable price.